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      Harga Mobil Baru Isuzu Panther

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      selasa,29 jan 2013

      The Isuzu Panther is a multi-purpose vehicle and pickup truck manufactured in Indonesia for the Asian market by Isuzu Motors. The model is suited to carrying large loads of passengers or cargo. It was developed to meet localconditions in terms of climate, roads and family structure as a durable vehicle. The Panther is also popular in the Philippines and Vietnam where it is known as the Hi-Lander Crosswind.

      Model / TypePrice ( IDR )
      ● Isuzu New Panther Smart - H204.600.000
      ● Isuzu New Panther Smart - FF H206.600.000
      ● Isuzu New Panther LV - H212.900.000
      ● Isuzu New Panther LV - FF H214.900.000
      ● Isuzu New Panther Adventure - H226.300.000
      ● Isuzu New Panther LS FF - H238.700.000
      ● Isuzu New Panther Touring - H242.400.000
      ● Isuzu New Panther Grand Touring - H255.200.000
      ● Isuzu Panther Pick Up Turbo132.100.000
      ● Isuzu Panther Pick Up Turbo Flat Deck133.100.000
      ● Isuzu Panther Pick Up Turbo GD 3 Way136.700.000


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